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Savaria Monarch Portable Ceiling Lift

  • $2,800.00

The Monarch portable ceiling lift is an ideal solution to care for your loved one at home. It gently and securely lifts and transfers the user—with dignity and comfort—from bed to bath or other locations. All effortlessly for the caregiver. Lightweight, with a carabiner hook and carry handle, it is easy to detach and transport from room-to-room.

What’s more, the Monarch is long-lasting and quick to charge thanks to the latest in battery technology – the same as is used in sturdy power tools, laptops… and electric cars! Whether you need a long-term or temporary solution, for one or more rooms, the Monarch ceiling lift is a flexible home care solution for you and your family.

• Weighs only 11 lb (5 kg) – one of the lightest on the market!

• Sleek, compact design is perfect for home use; carry handle and carabiner hook make transfer from room-to-room fast and easy

• Available in 286 lb (130 kg) and 440 lb (200 kg) capacity models to accommodate a range of patient weights

• Long-lasting and fast charging battery – delivers 50% more lift cycles per charge than industry average, recharges from full depletion in only 2 hours, and has no memory effect

• Easy-access controls on the lift and controller raise and lower gently yet efficiently • Optimal spreader bar width for patient comfort

• Safety features – including a secure sling mechanism to prevent inadvertent detachment, and an emergency lowering system – offer peace of mind

• Universal slings with adjustable head support, and hygienic slings available in mesh or solid material to suit your needs

• Compatible with Monarch trolley and track components as well as most other track systems (assessment required); a great solution if you want a new lift that is lighter and more reliable

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