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Footit's CPAP Program Designed By The Patients, Customers, & Staff


In 2015, we launched CPAP Corner at Footit. Rich Spafford, Monica Spafford, Terry Hatch, & Lee Robinson created a patient friendly CPAP Facility that rarely exists in the CPAP or Healthcare World Today. Our patients, customers, providers, and staff have all worked together in creating and still today modifying one of the best CPAP Supply facilities in the country. "We are constantly evolving to better serve everyone." In 2018 we have added more staff and Respiratory Therapists to continue to provide superior quality for the increasing demand. Everything we do is in house unlike our competitors.  Everything is done through Footit. 

One of the biggest improvements we made was allowing patients to come in without an appointment to speak with a Respiratory Therapist. Nobody else in the area does this currently. Having a supply center where you can look at CPAP machines, masks, and accessories is something you can do at Footit. Our Team goes through intensive in-services, training, and has extensive experience in the respiratory field at our area hospitals and medical facilities. 

 We accept HSA & FSA Health Spending Cards. We sell online on our website and price match any authorized dealers on the internet as well so you will always get the lowest price. Our volume discounts allow us to do this and pass the savings on to you. There is always a licensed Respiratory Therapist on staff who is able to answer your questions, go through all of your concerns, and educate you on sleep apnea, and your equipment. When calling our facility, you will always get a live person answering our phones during business hours.

Our patients become part of our Footit family and often stop in to tell us how good they are doing and educate us as well in what works best for them or new trends that might be in the online marketplace that we can emphasize here. If you're on an older mask by ResMed that is still in production, we will order it for you. We want you to be happy when you leave us! 

Rich Spafford, President of Footit is a CPAP user himself for the past 8 years and is a licensed Respiratory Therapist. He does the blog for our website and talks about his own struggles with CPAP himself. Our recipe is a simple approach but at the end of the day this should be the standard in healthcare. We hope the rest of the industry will soon follow us so all Sleep Apnea sufferers get the medical care and equipment they deserve.